Sagot sa Disruption: Integration


The pandemic has disrupted people’s lives as well as businesses, here and around the globe:  education, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, finances, tourism, marketing, logistics, distribution and many others.  Lahat tayo apektado!


Since all of us in the field of advertising render Corporate and Marketing Communications services to practically all industries and markets, we are likewise affected…..unless, we have integrated the different disciplines into a rainbow of expertise to address whichever, whatever, whenever, wherever the requirements are.


Systembrand is our umbrella brand for covering and interconnecting the key services in Branding, 2D/3/D/4D Graphics, Advertising and Digital Marketing, Public/Stakeholder/Investor Relations, Product/Packaging/Environmental Design, etc.) 


Normal/abnormal times dictate communications needs in a variety of ways – a

“Harmony for Humanity” digital poster on Joe Mari Chan; repositioning a bank; designing a restaurant’s interiors and brand; a mining company’s annual report design and creatives for its 60th anniversary; a public utility logo; sneaker design for a Chinese brand; a sports and leisure retail store brand and a mobile phone package.


Buti lang pumilit kaming mag-integrate – about 40 years ago – para bang naghanda sa pagdating ng Covid19! Nobody could have foreseen the pandemic but fortunately we were able to set up the necessary infrastructure for any eventuality.


The integrated group started with Design Systemat, which by then had local and international accounts – from an agricultural plant, Philseeds, to Toyo Menka, a Japanese equipment supplier, Asian Bank logo design and some government accounts like the Board of Investments for its Car Manufacturing Program and Center for International Trade, Expositions and Missions.


Eventually, ADSystems was set up to handle brand activation and advertising requirements of Design Systemat’s clientele.  The engagements herein scaled up to Public/Investor/Stakeholder Relations.  The integration of services was incorporated into Systembrand with its sub-brands Brand Refresh, PackEdge, Reverb and Hypersource.


The rest is history.