Passion and Independence

In a world of interconnected and omnichannel media, it can be tempting to conclude that success goes only to the big global networks. But speaking from our continued success, we argue that the small independent plays an indispensable role. 

Since its inception in 2000, Catalytx has inspired change for the better. We’ve worked hard to be the spark that challenges the status quo; to be a partner to our clients; to be instrumental to their success.

Independent. Individual. Instinctive.

We wield our independence. We break the shackles that big agencies bind clients with, particularly local clients with smaller budgets. 

A big agency will bind you to a policy of having headcount as a percentage of billing. A small but energetic agency won’t. 

A big agency relies on regional alignments whose requirements are often limiting. We are adept at thinking independently, successfully cutting through the challenges of regional limitations or requirements. 

Since we are composed of like-minded individuals, we have developed a closeness akin to being a family. The comfort of being familiar allows for collaborations, discussions, and even fiery brainstorming sessions—all to accomplish the results that will satisfy our clients’ expectations.

As an agency, we are a tight ship. We are a lean and mean machine running on strong bonds, genuine trust, and unshakable loyalty. Because we share common values, ethos, and beliefs in the workplace, we are committed, determined and motivated. We value each associate; we don’t let people go just over the loss of a client. 

Fair. Flexible. Free.

At Catalytx, we prefer to be fair, unfiltered and flexible in dealing with every client we partner with – whether they’ve been with us for the past 20 years or have just been newly welcomed. Being local and independent, we are more rooted to the challenges and realities of the market.

We are granted the freedom to steer our strategic direction, including what other businesses to engage in or branch into such as merchandising, digital marketing, events and activations, and public relations.

Independence affords us the luxury to be decisive without any need to wait for international approval, to be less mired in office politics. No noise. No drama. 

Neutral. Nimble. No-nonsense.

Management and operations tend to be more entrepreneurial (a quality crucial for long-term profitability). Being independent, we are not held down by the global or traditional way of doing advertising.

We put a premium on being impartial. We don’t discriminate. We are fair-minded. We are agnostic to limitations or precepts. We let client interest drive our actions. 

We are budget-neutral. We can be flexible. We work with clients regardless of monetary constraints. We understand that some clients will have limited budgets. Our shelf of vital services is open and adjustable. We treat potential clients equitably. 

We are media-neutral. We think of compelling concepts that are not just dependent on traditional platforms such as TV, radio or print. We are forward-thinking and fully equipped to conquer the digital frontier. 

We are celebrity-neutral. Our spellbinding ideas don’t rely on the cult of celebrities or the fickle clout of personalities.  

Smooth, Sincere, Seamless

Independence and equitability allow us to work seamlessly as a marketing partner. We have nurtured harmonious relationships with clients since our founding in 2000. We care for clients’ businesses sincerely. This makes it easier for us to be objective in giving sound advice.

The seamless service we provide is heightened by a personal approach that can come only from an independent agency. That is to say, clients’ success will be our success; clients’ needs will be fulfilled, with immediate feedback; and our clients’ brands will be known in a massive and effective way.  

Lest we forget, 99% of businesses in the Philippines are small- to medium-scale, local, and competitive. Beyond that, they represent a wide diversity of visions, philosophies, and values that require sincerity, enthusiasm, and authenticity to convey and amplify. 

As a proudly independent and passionate agency, that is what we strive to embody not just in the way we work, but in how we help brands navigate the path of growth and success.