20 Years of Seamless Partnering

From little sparks of imagination to blazing ideas that light the visionary trail, Catalytx Advertising Inc. has established itself as a seamless marketing partner for its clients’ extraordinary success. 

“If clients need a strategic point of view on merchandising, we can develop it. If they need help on product development, pricing, product positioning and promotion, we make sure we are involved. We provide insights to clients, with an outside-in view,” says Richard G. Yang, our president and managing director. “We take genuine partnering to be an absolute essential in helping clients build their brands and grow their business.” 

Catalytx is home to a dynamic mix of seasoned industry professionals and young, rising executives who are passionately committed to their clients’ brands. We partner with clients whose brands we believe in, and whose products add to the quality of life of Filipino consumers. We are proud to say that our portfolio includes over 40 local and multinational brands.

Our ultimate goal is to help clients raise their profile and develop their business by being their seamless partner. As such, we do not draw a line on what we can or cannot do as an agency to help achieve their marketing objectives. 

In the spirit of this seamless partnering philosophy, we act as an extension of the clients’ marketing team most of the time. We take our strategic thinking and strategy executions beyond advertising: Living the brand. 24/7 service. Going the extra mile to get it right. Loving the job and having fun while doing it. And yes, these are not mere slogans. At Catalytx, we walk the talk. 

Seamless Partnering. Fueling Catalytx’s passion is the firm belief that our clients’ success is also our success. Our work is not limited by what the brands need in communications. We do strategic business and marketing planning. We focus our efforts on the most important aspects – not just to cultivate brands, but most importantly, to elevate our clients’ businesses and their companies.

Heroic Client Servicing. As one of the principles that the agency has embraced since day 1, Catalytx is not bound to typical working hours. Our lines are open any time of the day, any day of the week. We help the client with their marketing activities, including monitoring of events we did not stage, regular trade checks, participation in internal sales rallies, and more. 

Strategic Marketing Consulting. Some of our company’s most successful and high-impact campaigns are a result of staying focused on our clients’ marketing objectives and creating communications that strategically and creatively addresses them. Among our most notable accomplishments, we have: 

  • Helped a product go from “zero” to now top-of-mind packaged bread and becoming an undisputed market leader;
  • Created a new category in the feeds market; 
  • Resurrected an old chocolate brand to make it the leader in the Philippine market; and
  • Cemented the leadership of a cultured milk drink company, despite entry of various competitors over time.

Catalysts for Change. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we remain true to our name as a catalyst for change. As we move ahead with our brand of dynamism, we can give our clients one assurance: that as we reset, shift, and recalibrate, it will be seamless. 

Visit our website, https://www.catalytx.com, and our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Catalytx .