The pursuit of creating Next Level Experiences

Consumers are always in search of the next best thing that will make their lives better and more fulfilling. But the current COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way they live, work, and consume content. This has also pushed brands to reimagine how they can thrive in the digital space, where consumers are given a surplus of options for whatever product or service they need. Suddenly, even offerings that weren’t online before are readily available, and more channels are being utilized than ever before.

In a virtual world filled with noise and competing messages fighting for attention, how can brands create a lasting impression and build a relationship with their audiences? Our answer is simple — by bringing both brands and their audiences to the Next Level Experience (NLE).

Always going for more

For 28 years, our mission has always been to create and sustain visibility for brands through meaningful, relevant, and impactful storytelling. We look out for our clients’ best interests, create engaging experiences for their audiences, and make sure that their campaigns lead to brand success. However, our goal of bringing brands and its audiences to the Next Level Experience transcends this, and goes into something much deeper.

NLE is an essential part of how we create lasting and impactful relationships between brands and their audiences. It is what pushes us to always go for more and go beyond expectations, making our brands stand out.

“We want to be able to deliver something valuable, impactful and unique. Something extraordinary, with an added twist or flavor to it.” said our Managing Director, Bea Lim. “Through NLE, we give brands and their audiences a different playing field to interact in, pushing for deeper and more engaging connections between the two. It’s also more than just something new; it’s something meaningful.”

A history of providing Next Level Experiences

NLE may be a term that our agency only coined in recent years, but TeamAsia has been delivering Next Level Experiences since its inception.

“Bringing brands to the Next Level Experience means being one step ahead of the curve, and that’s what TeamAsia has been doing from the very beginning. It is also about having the passion and drive to make a difference in the nation. We always wanted to help people flourish and push industries to grow. In a lot of ways, technology has been our partner for this,” said Monette Iturralde Hamlin, our Founder and President.

Hamlin shared that as technology continued to evolve, we were always one of the first companies to make use of it. This was the case for fax marketing, email marketing, and building websites. We were also one of the first companies to bring in best selling authors and gurus to keynote conferences, which became the trend later on. She also shared that a big part of this can be attributed to the fact that Michael Alan Hamlin, TeamAsia’s late founder, was a risk taker when it came to new technology, and saw the importance of investing in it. Our company then welcomed the digital age, embracing digital marketing and providing new services to their clients.

“TeamAsia grew organically, and we didn’t realize that we were actually a frontrunner for Integrated Marketing Communications,” Hamlin shared. “This shows that TeamAsia has been creating Next Level Experiences throughout the years. NLE is about breaking ground, changing what people are used to and giving them something new that they can look forward to. Once you’ve already delivered that, you have to do something better the next time.”

Stepping into the reimagined future

COVID-19 is not only changing the world, it is transforming it. Lim sees this crisis as an unprecedented event wherein people cannot go about their usual business and routine, and the only option left is to see what can be done next. This transformation is the very reason why she believes that the concept of Next Level Experiences is essential in today’s times.

 “Now more than ever, we need to bring our brands, causes, advocacies, and the things that really matter to us to the Next Level Experience because that is what the times call for. We can’t think that because there is a pandemic, things have to settle or be placed in the backburner. Now, the next level is defined by the way you pivot, the way you decide to transform. It is defined by how you reimagine what matters the most to you,” Lim shared.

Our agency sees value in being able to take things as they are, because only then can companies move forward, and step into the reimagined future. With our commitment to bringing brands and their audiences to the Next Level Experience intact, we strive to continue transforming with the changing times, creating experiences that are greater, safer, more effective, and more meaningful.