Big Relief Digital Kit

Laptop, phone, laptop, phone. Everyday, we switch around these gadgets for two main reasons: work and play. Before the lockdown happened, we had a clearer boundary between these two activities through the office setup. However, now that we’ve had to combine a lot of home and office activities, where do we draw the line between work and relaxation?

We know it’s hard to hustle and unwind in the same place for the entire day, that’s why we curated the Big Relief Digital Kit that can hopefully help you find the inspiration and chill pill that you need as you finish your JOs!

Bring a breath of fresh air in your online meetings with these virtual backgrounds! Use them for your townhalls, client meetings, or even during your e-numan sessions.


Give yourself a pep talk for that upcoming pitch or finally organize your files and notes with these wallpapers!




Show some lambing to your AM’s and AE’s with these Telegram and Instagram stickers! Check out our own take on the ever present pa-witty advertising sticker sets and use them whenever you feel a budol JO coming your way.

Download the Telegram Stickers and search for ‘Itch Creatives’ to use them on Instagram


Had a little too much caffeine and need to pull the intensity back a bit? Let the power of music calm your racing heart beat as you sing along to these beats!

If there’s anything we’ve learned from our new work setup, it’s that we make the best ideas when we take care of each other. We hope that our Big Relief Digital Kit can help you through the longest nights and give you the virtual hug that you need!

Don’t forget to tag us, @itchcreatives on Instagram and Itch Creatives on Facebook, when you use any of the contents in our Big Relief Kit! Remember to hustle hard, rest harder, and always take care of yourself. Keri mo ‘yan, kahit ilang beses ka pang mabudol ng Accounts.