Talk About Love with Itch

Thanks to our obsession with online quizzes, every Itch member now knows what their love language is, but we didn’t stop there. Our company held a wellness session with Celine Sugay, a positive psychologist, to help us understand how these languages work so we can develop authentic relationships with each other. With that knowledge, we realized that being physically distant from each other never really hindered us from showing our love in many different ways. 

So we recently asked Itches on how they gave and received love throughout the quarantine period, and they shared a lot! From game nights, care packages, to simple conversations that last until 2 AM, everyone at Itch continuously made efforts to take care of each other’s well-being. Read their stories below and, hopefully, these can inspire you to share the love too! 



Josh Garosha, our graphic designer, shares how simple messages of care and affection have helped him get through tough times. 

“I received messages from my co-workers na parang ‘Rest ka na soon! Salamat ng marami!’ or yung moments na pinanghihinaan ako ng loob, and someone would tell me to ‘Take it slow! wellness mo yung mas-important!’ Altho favorite ko is when someone virtually offers me a beer, hahah! It made me feel important. It also reminded me of how human we are and we shouldn’t treat ourselves too harshly. I like these Itches.” – Josh Garosha, Graphic Designer


Michael Ili, our graphic designer, truly appreciated the ITCH Cares kit that contained safety gear for when we need to leave our homes.

“May ITCH Cares na kit na pinadala sa amin para may magamit kami if ever na lalabas kami ng bahay. Super happy kasi feel mo na safe and may care ang Itch para sa amin lalo na ngayon nasa pandemic situation tayo.” – Michael Ili, Graphic Designer


Our admin officer Kuya Pong went the extra mile in helping our account manager Kia retrieve her glasses from the office during the lockdown.

“I recently experienced this with Kuya Pong. I had to get my reading glasses sa office and he offered to meet up with me sa most convenient area from my house 🙂 He even offered to meet with my sister na nagw-work sa Ortigas.

Personally naman, sa own group ko we make sure na we’re offering help to each other if needed. I remember na very active kami in looking for apartments nung July because Japa, our former account manager, had to look for a house for rent.” – Kia Gabay, Accounts Manager



To make up for the lack of physical presence in this lockdown, Itch has initiated wellness sessions and lighthearted programs for Itches to be able to have fun together just like old times.

“[We had] the Wellness Sessions/Game Night/Slight chikahan during meetings or townhalls. We all know how demanding work has been for everyone this WFH pero for Itch to still make time for these breathers and sessions make me feel na the company also cares for my overall well-being and not just if I’m okay enough to accomplish my work.” – Hazel Perez, Social Media Manager



Since all the hugging and cuddling had to take a pause, we asked Itches about what efforts replaced physical touch during the quarantine period. 

“The way they constantly show support ? From work, online store you just opened, a hobby or workout you just started, Itches will support you no matter what ? Super sarap sa puso. Even if you don’t share it to them and just see you tweet/post about it, they will be proud of you and send you encouraging emojis and words, minsan mas excited pa sila sayo. That extra push is enough to make us all feel loved ?” – Hershey Castro, Art Director

We hope that our testimonials can serve as inspiration for others to build strong relationships with officemates even when we’re all working from home. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of our stories and let’s continue to promote love in every way we can!