The Indie Way

We know how challenging it is to start a business. Being a startup ourselves, we’ve hurdled growing pains as well. During this corona downturn, the struggle is not only real but magnified a hundredfold. Owners are latching on to lifelines just to keep businesses afloat. 

So, how can we help? One of our programs in Seven A.D. called Small Helps Small, offers help to small or not-so-small local companies by equipping them with strategies and ideas to move their businesses forward. In the same spirit, here are seven ways we can help these SMEs who may be struggling at the moment and give them a fighting chance.

START FROM WITHIN. Notice how co-workers suddenly became bakers, chefs, artists and manufacturers overnight? During the lockdown, they’ve found a way to pop open bottled passions and turned them into revenue streams. Support these initiatives through upskilling or skill sharing – offer photography lessons, website design workshops, e-commerce 101, etc. These are skills relevant to both their agency work and their newfound passion. 

TIP THE SCALES WITH TIPS. Tipping generously is a good way to help your favorite businesses. But you can scale this up by offering professional tips too. Pro advice on logo design, content creation, consumer targeting, copywriting and art direction will give them the boost they need to take their startups to the next level.

PM IS KEY. Loving that ube-cheese pandesal? Can’t get enough of that homemade suka? Reach out to your new discoveries and show your support. Comment on their content and maybe contribute some of your own. Sometimes it is enough to know that someone out there appreciates what you are doing.

GO BACK TO YOUR FIRST LOVE. Brand switching and product replacement may be prevalent during this time but this doesn’t mean you need to give up on your favorite brands. They need their loyalists’ support now more than ever. Seek them out and show some love. 

JOIN A SUPPORTIVE GROUP. It will take a village to run a business. By banding together and joining a community, we can discover and promote products that may surprisingly bring us joy. Try to look for groups for your newfound passions and lifestyles and you might be amazed at what you will find.

NURTURE GRASSROOTS TALENTS. The future marketing mavens are on a summer break. Students, stuck at home, are hungry for inspiration. Tap into their energy and cultivate a community via online classes and virtual internship programs. By sharing your blueprint of success, you can help guide these budding entrepreneurs to the right direction.

BUY LOCAL. THEN BUY SOME MORE. We can boost local commerce by supporting local creators, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. Local businesses are finding new and ingenious ways to sell new products and local produce. “Go local” can be your organization’s mantra for the years to come to help the economy back on its feet.

With the pandemic still in full swing, small steps to help small businesses can go a long way.