The Indie Spirit

Resilience is an indie’s way of life. Always up against great odds, whether it be Goliath competitors or less resources, an indie agency like ours has learned to accept challenges as our norm. However, the COVID-19 crisis is an extraordinary challenge. “Unprecedented” is what it’s always called. And while none of us could have ever been fully prepared for this, we at Seven A.D. thankfully have had a bit of practice.

In this week of our takeover, we hope to impart to you some of the indie spirit that has taken us through one of our most challenging moments in history. These are mostly seen through the eyes of an agency whose employees have become like family and an all-Filipino-business lens that sees the struggle of many local companies just trying to make it through the crisis. We hope that in the true spirit of camaraderie, or even just humanity, you will imbibe a bit of the indie spirit that have held us up in these times.