Art in the Time of COVID

“It starts with a willingness to give, willingness para tumulong sa ibang tao.”

Not one to be tied to the current circumstances of the lockdown, Grey Manila Creative Director Paulo Correa (IG:pauloexmachina) proved that the borderless nature of creativity could ripple into waves of good even amidst a worldwide pandemic.

“Art in the Time of COVID” started as a series of Facebook and Instagram posts selling some of Paulo’s old artworks to raise funds for front liners through Caritas Manila.

But the art movement quickly took on a life of its own as more artists and communities took notice of the movement and added their own pieces to the growing virtual gallery.

When it comes to the future of art and creativity as a borderless tool for good, these words from Paulo paint a beautiful picture, “The art world might take a hit with it not being a “necessity” for survival… but now more than ever, art is one of the strongest forms of communication in this age of multimedia. There’s now a greater responsibility for art and artists to create beyond the work, bring light to issues, and inspire people to act. The same goes for us as communicators and creatives.”

Featured below are some of the artworks sold under #ArtInTheTimeofCOVID

Want to join the movement as well? Click here for the #ArtInTheTimeOfCovid template so you can add your art to the picture.