Resilience. Recovery. Relevance.

What do brands do at a time like this? 

That’s what Dentsu JaymeSyfu chairmom and now, dentsumcgarrybowen Co-President Merlee Jayme aimed to answer during a talk she gave on May 22.

The answer? 

Help people in a way that builds your brand equity. 

She states 6 ways to go about this, and how brands should capitalize on them:

OFFER HELP (Whether it be financial, logistical, emotional or technological)
OFFER A DIVERSION (Like entertainment mediums such as movies and games)
GIVE A SENSE OF NORMALCY (Like the rising trend of home work-outs)
CONTINUE CONNECTION (online hang outs through different platforms)
PROVIDE INSPIRATION (creative online challenges)
PROVIDE POSITIVITY (encouraging content)

Check out some of the talk’s highlights as well as some examples of brands who are doing it right in the gallery below.