About Us

The 4A's is a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of various advertising agencies whose common objective is the promotion of and development of the advertising agency business in conjunction with the advertising industry's goals. The basic goals of 4A's are:

  • To upgrade the practice of advertising in this country
  • To promote the welfare of the organization as a whole and its members, individually
  • To enhance relations between the member agencies and other sectors of the advertising industry
  • To foster social responsibility among advertising practitioners and help protect the welfare of the general public


To safeguard our members’ interests by being their voice and to champion creative excellence in the marketing communications industry.


1. To nurture an environment that promotes creative excellence
2. To uphold our members' rights in dealing with clients, other industry organizations, and government institutions
3. To be our members' primary source of learning in the field of marketing and communications
4. To actively apply our resources and talents in the betterment of society

Downloadable Files

  1. Directory of Members
  2. Membership Application Form
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