Purpose Marketing via Webinars and Workshops

Empowering our clients

You could say that capacity building is part of our DNA. One of the reasons Evident was created was because we saw the need to support the underserviced development sector. By capacitating these organizations, we enable them to better service their constituents.

Thus even before the pandemic struck, Evident was already doing workshops, not just for our government or NGO clients, but also for corporate clients, sports teams, and even industry associations. Moving to webinars was just the logical next step.

Some of the workshops we offer are Social Media Basics, Ad Platform and Analytics Basics, Mission Critical Mapping, and Media Management Masterclass. However, this does not stop us from designing workshops for clients with very specific requirements.


Our secret sauce: Expertise and collaboration

Evident is able to do all these workshops without having to outsource subject matter experts (SMEs) each time. Our agency has SMEs in different fields such as advocacy communications, public relations, and digital marketing.

Another strength is our collaborative approach. We help clients find their why by co-creating each workshop, assuring that it is contextualized to their specific needs. This is particularly helpful for our government and NGO clients, who share with us stories from the field so that we can flesh out the best ways of working together.


Bridging stakeholders with purposeful comms

SME Marketing Workshop for PhilDev ISIP

One of our projects was with PhilDev’s Innovation for Social Impact Partnerships Project (ISIP), which is a business accelerator program for enterprises) with a social thrust.

To design the workshop, we started by asking social entrepreneurs about their problems at work and in the field, to assess their training needs.

From there, we built a 5-day workshop based on the areas that they can improve. We taught them the basics of strategic communication,  digital marketing and online boosting, tailored to their specific needs.

This wasn’t just a matter of transferring information. We designed the workshop in such a way that the participants can freely share feedback and onground experiences so they can learn as a group. They can also have practical takeaways that they can apply beyond the workshop period.

As a result, participants gained a better understanding of media targeting and influencer marketing, which they can put into practice to grow their businesses.


Pathways to Peace: Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education in BARMM

The Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE) is the government body overseeing the education of Filipinos in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). As a government in transition, the MBHTE needed institutional strengthening and improved competencies in promoting the BARMM education system.

Since the engagement’s goal was to strengthen the communication skills of the central and division information offices, workshops opened the way for the MBHTE to do strategic planning and action with the guidance of Evident and the program team of Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao, an initiative funded by the Australian Government.

We did a step-by-step training needs analysis with the Ministry, then created a capacity-building plan to serve as the basis for the workshop topics. We developed an eight-day workshop, adopting a blended approach by setting up an on-ground venue in Cotabato City so that no participant is left behind. We also tailored the lectures for online consumption with shorter modules and activities in between to ensure audience engagement.

The participants from the MBHTE found every session useful. Participants used the workshop learnings to develop communication plans for their respective subsectors, overseeing the communication work for Basic, Higher, Technical, and Madrasah Education in the BARMM.


Skills Training for YouthWorks PH

YouthWorks PH is a project of Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The project targets youths not in education, employment, or training to sign up for free technical skills training and job placement programs, done in cooperation with employers, government bodies, and civic organizations. YouthWorks also seeks to teach the youth soft skills and life skills that will increase their opportunities for employment. Using these as anchors, we developed a series of webinars that would catch the interest of our audience in the hope of signing them onto a training program.

We collaborated with the client to develop topics, select and train the host, and do technical troubleshooting.

Topics were developed based on social listening, and hosts were trained on the material and so that they can carry the conversation in a lively manner. We also invited influencers who had both reach and expertise to speak about a topic that resonated with the youth. Lastly, to cut through the clutter, we developed an ad strategy to serve the webinars to our target audience.

Ultimately, the webinars served as a lead generation tool for YouthWorks PH to recruit more youth and give them a shot at gainful employment.

Why it works

As an agency with a diversity of talents and a highly collaborative culture, Evident is naturally poised to develop new ways of working with clients. Because of our versatility and entrepreneurial spirit, we are able to customize strategy and training workshops according to clients’ specific needs.

To learn more, visit evident.ph or reach out to us at [email protected].