Is real-time, all-Filipino consumer pulse possible? Ask our 20,000 users!

Here’s how it works:

The Stars PH Starchitect website empowers anyone to create surveys that will be delivered to your chosen tribe among the 20,000 Stars PH respondents.  The full website will be available by July 2021, but do let us know if you’re interested at  For now, we can create the surveys just as quickly for you.  Please email [email protected].

The chosen respondents among our 20,000 members will receive the survey via their Stars PH mobile apps.

The results of the survey will then be given to the planners in a dashboard.

Why Stars?

Everyone in the industry has been used to the usual survey apps.  The advantage of Stars?  We deliver it to an all-Filipino panel profiled according to your preference.

Gone are the days of lengthy, expensive research.  In a world where change is happening at the speed of light, new consumer insights are being formed as fast as these changes come to life.  As a new audience enters the circus, they bring with them new expectations.  Stars PH gives you access to instant, constantly updated insights.

All custom survey results are exclusively confidential to the client party.


Want to take it for a spin?

Let’s have a bit of fun.  Here are a few questions.  Log onto this poll and see if your thoughts match the reality of our panel.  The first 5 perfect answers get free surveys on the Stars platform!