Good morning, 2030!


The alarm triggered Lisa to lift her eyelids, and for her curtains to draw apart. Her bed reclines gently forward, not so subtly urging her to step out. The bacon strips are now on autocook.  

The robotics all around her 65K/month studio unit sensed her waking up, springing immediately into action. Making the bed. Spraying fresh morning scents. Even letting the dog out.  

Lisa steps on her scale and not only did it tell her weight, it reminded her of her required nutritional intake for the day, percentage of likelihood that she’ll get a sore throat, and even how many minutes of life she lost with yesterday’s cigarettes. Not enough to dissuade her from dropping the habit though. 

Over breakfast, she wears her Augmented Reality goggles; it bridges the gap from thinking to doing and immediately places before her the information she wants to access. She skims through the news. New 24/7 vertical farm inaugurated. Trips to the moon now discounted. A clothing brand is under fire for not using organic cotton. Juan Ponce Enrile is still alive. Elephant pants are making a comeback. 

A notification pops in – a delivery is about to arrive in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And sure enough, a package was just dropped off by a delivery bot on her balcony’s drone pad. 


As Lisa takes her last bite, she also gets another notification that she’s almost out of eggs – would she like to add to cart? She puts the dishes away and let robotics take care of the rest; today, she’s a Product Tester – it’s another micro-career on her belt as the gig economy led her to take on different career paths at a time. It’s her call now – the workplace evolution of the past decade put her on equal footing as men when it comes to taking plum roles. 

Lisa opens her email to receive a smellable ad from a neighborhood coffee shop. If she orders it now, it will be at her door in 10 minutes flat. As she takes another sniff, her dog has marched back to her area. The pooch barks, and with the translator harness it is wearing, Lisa gets to hear what it has to say in simple English – “may I sit next to you?” 

With her hyperpersonalized, multisensorial, everything-at-your-fingertips existence, Lisa is enjoying the advancements we’re about to see in less than a decade’s time.