TOP 3 MO? Stream-From-Home Edition

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or when you’re stuck at home.

It’s been almost 400 days since we stopped going to our offices and started working in the comfort, or confines, of our homes. That seclusion and lack of physical or social interaction can take its toll on anyone. That’s why it is important, for our sanity, to keep ourselves entertained.

One of the best ways to take a break from all the pandemic stress and simply have fun is to watch a movie or binge on a series after a long day filled with zoom calls, rush pitches, and remote shoots. And so you don’t have to ask yourself “What will I watch today?” tonight, here are the top movie or TV show recommendations from 5 of Tribal’s top cinephiles and binge-watchers.


Reginne Cabanban

Managing Partner / Mother of Dragons

This competition gives undiscovered songwriters a chance to pitch their songs to award-winning producers like Ryan Tedder and Ester Dean with the hope of their work becoming the next big hit. I highly recommend the episodes with Boyz II Men, Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor, and Ben Platt. If you have dreams of becoming a songwriter or simply love music, Songland is a must-watch.

I’ve only recently gotten into K-dramas—influenced by the K-girls in the Tribe, magnified by the pandemic. Flower of Evil is not a love story. It’s a crime drama with a strong narrative, featuring an interesting hero/antihero, and a good mix of suspense, mystery, heartbreak, and lightheartedness. Expect sleepless night and bothersome (but not work-related) dreams when you watch this.

Daniel-San. Miyagi-San. Wax on. Wax off. Do I really need to explain why Cobra Kai is awesome? It’s part of pop culture growing up for most of us. But even those who didn’t get to watch Karate Kid movies will enjoy the show. It’s campy, cheeky, and simple entertainment that touches on complicated issues and realities—a show done with a lot of heart (and hurt). Definitely worth it to binge all 3 seasons.


Rooster Diaz

Copywriter / Bad Influencer


Funny. Cute. Requires minimal thinking to enjoy it. I’ve been on a K-drama binge lately. Actually, I just started watching this series. Pero I really like it na agad. I love watching no-brainer shows eh—ubos na kasi yung brain cells ko sa brainstorming at work LOL. 

One of my favorite K-dramas kasi the protagonist is a former copywriter. It’s fun to watch yung scenes na may mga pitch, isipan ng big ideas, talking about marketing strategy, etc. It’s relatable pero light lang and nakakatuwa yung scenes and yung story kaya masaya panoorin.

I really like this movie. One of my favorites from Disney. Ang lalim eh. For those na medyo may existential crisis tulad ko, super relate ‘to. It’s wonderfully written, with great pacing, and leaves you thinking after. Yun lang, wala sa Netflix or Amazon so torrent talaga. (We don’t condone piracy, but don’t judge din.)


Gel Barrientos
Sr. Social Media Producer / Introverted ARMY


It’s been a year since we’ve been trapped inside our rooms, and I’m sure we’re all itching to travel and experience adventure. Bon Voyage’s all four seasons will take you through Europe, Hawaii, Malta, and New Zealand together with BTS and their lovable antics. Even if you’re not a fan, this will surely wake up your wanderlust and maybe even open up a gateway to the fandom.


An old collaboration between the makers of Gundam and CLAMP, this classic is sure to exercise your brain. For some, it can be nostalgic and reminiscent of childhood animations and for others, it’s an adventure for the imagination.


Youn’s Stay was made as a spin-off of the popular travel cooking show, Youn’s Kitchen. But since the entire world’s on lockdown, the production decided to give comfort to their viewers by bringing Korea to them instead. This is a definite must-watch for some healing time!


Inna Fortu
Jr. Art Director / Medyo Film Buff


I’ll say it: Succession is one of the best shows to come out of HBO in a while, and yet people aren’t talking about it enough. The writing is razor-sharp and the ensemble is incredible. I am obsessed. You will be too, promise.


If you’re ever in the mood to cry or ponder human existence, watch It’s Such A Beautiful Day, a sublime animated film by Don Hertzfeldt. Don’t let the stick figures fool you into thinking that this is anything but a masterpiece.


The storytelling for Shirkers is just as haunting as the central mystery surrounding the young Singaporean filmmakers in the documentary. As a creative, watching this was truly a cathartic experience. Intriguing ‘di ba?

Camille Llado
Sr. Account Manager / Forever Swiftie


I like this show because it’s about a relationship between mother and daughter, and I’m a Mama’s Girl—I love you, Ma! Super relatable to anyone kasi we all have mothers haha. There’s a good mix of drama, romance, and humor. Plus, it tackles family relationships and women empowering women. Also: Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel. 


Why? Because it features my girl, Taylor Swift. And I love her. Period. But seriously, I love how it shows her creative process. Pati her struggles as an artist, her eating disorder, her experience with bullying, and how she deals with all of those. Fan or not, it’s really inspiring to watch. TS #1!!!


I just found out about this show last year and I binge-watched it. Loved every minute. It has that awkwardness that’s really charming, especially if you’re a socially awkward person. It’s funny and witty. Very interesting in how it portrays the complexities of human nature (wow ang deep). Basta, watch it. You won’t regret it.