The How’s of Harrison: How Do I Love Thee, Advertising

Advertising –how do I love thee, let me count the ways.
A listicle of how we agency people are still in love with what we do – pandemic and all.

We all fell in love with advertising for a reason. Whether you were fresh off college or decided on a career change, there was something about advertising that attracted you. Maybe you were even seduced by it. And no one can blame you. After all, advertising is one of the most exciting, fascinating and creative-loving industries around.

Pero aminin natin, there are days where you just wanted to call it quits. Feeling mo ubos ka na. Binigay mo na ang lahat – oras mo, galing mo, pasensya mo, pride mo, pati dugo at dangal. Pero for some reason, andito ka pa rin. Kahit ilang beses nang nasaktan, pinili mo’ng manatili sa industriyang patuloy mo’ng minamahal at ‘di mo maiwan. So to celebrate the month of love, we want to ask this question: how do you stay in love with advertising? O ‘di ba? Masarap na usapan over bottles of wine and beer!

Talking to different people from Harrison, here’s a list of the many things that keep us in love with what we do. Galing man sa amin, I’m sure makakrelate kayo. After all, we are part of the same industry. And another common thing that links us all together? We are all crazy enough to stay in love with advertising. So, without further delay – advertising, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways….

Crazies In Love: It takes a certain type of individual to not only survive but thrive in advertising. Kaya naman people who work in advertising share a special bond. Baliw kasi tayong lahat to a certain extent, and we all go through experiences unique to our industry. You fight battles together – from pitches, to major presentations, to selling brave creative works. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Either way – inuman ang ending. You spend most of your time together too, most likely more than the time you spend with your family. And that’s why your advertising colleagues become your second family. You tell each other secrets, you open up about your failed relationships, hey they even help you nurse your heart from a break-up. You also have a secret language – ‘yung kayo lang ang nakaka gets. Inside jokes abound. Ang internals, half meeting, half chika. At sa dami niyong nagpagdaanan, it’s hard not to be attached to your fellow advertising crazies. And it’s one of the main reasons you stay. Because you know you have people who have your back every day. And coming to work with these kindred spirits makes the job more enjoyable.

When it’s good, it’s good: Every job has their bad days, advertising not an exception. Although some days can be extra bad, when days are good – they are so good. And it doesn’t have to be a big moment or some grand gesture. It’s the little things that keep on feeding the good. The funny conversations in the pantry. The comedic internals. The funny quotes from your CCO. The surprisingly generous positive feedback from a challenging client. These little things, albeit in small doses can really fuel the fire just when you think you’ve burned out.

And that’s the thing, sometimes there’s a danger to focus too much on the negative stuff – nagiging toxic na tayo. ‘Di na tuloy natin na-eenjoy yung mga moments na masaya. So try to focus on the good. Hang on to those moments especially when the going gets tough. These good experiences will serve as your anchor pag nadadala ka na ng inis. It will serve as your balm when burning out beckons.

Your Mentors: If you’re lucky, you will find one or maybe a few people at work you will not only look up to but also learn from. People who will take you under their wing, unspoken or otherwise. Yung mga pillars of advertising – the ones who are known for their famous works –TVCs and campaigns that have become part of history. Yung nag pa-uso ng beat game for a beverage brand, yung restaurant chain ad na nagpa iyak sa ‘yo, etc. Nag-viral na sila dati, di pa uso ang viral. People who will teach you the ropes, the hacks, and will offer the sage advice, even share lifelong learnings. Brimming with experiences they’ve gained wisdom from, these special individuals will generously impart these hard-earned lessons if you’re lucky and willing enough to listen and take heed. So be a sponge and absorb these learnings. It will make the job more than worthwhile.

‘Yung Office Crush Mo: Kanya-kanya tayo ng motivation. H’wag kayong judgemental. If your office crush keeps you motivated and inspired, use it to your advantage. Mag-touch up na bago mag video call meeting bilis! Mag-pabibo sa client meeting kung nasaan nandoon din siya. ‘Pag ang client question daig pa ang thesis defense, pero alam mo ang sagot, back him up. Make him or her feel you have their backs. Kung creative naman ang crush mo, mag bato nga 1000 ideas kung siya ang mag-aaprove. Dazzle him with your brilliance! Siguraduhin mo lang maganda yung mga bato mo. Baka ang labas niyan nabaril na ideas mo, na turn off pa sa’yo. Kung strat planner naman ang apple of your eye, mag contribute ka ng insight na kakaiba. Yung di motherhood statement. Yung mapapayakap siya sa’yo kasi ang ganda ng naisip mo. Kung sino man ‘yan, that person is another reason to love coming to work everyday. Deadma kung wala kang borlog after burning the midnight oil for a pitch – pag nakita mo ang crush mo blooming ka pa rin. H’wag ma-guilty, marami naman talagang cute, matatalino, at magagaling sa advertising.

The Work: Of course, di kumpleto ang love for advertising if you don’t have love for the work. The opportunities you have every day (or sometimes the obstacles and obstructions) that challenge you to churn out great work. Tapos mairaraos niyo and finally it airs or it’s posted online – to rave reactions and reviews – sino ba naman ang di maiinlove? It’s quite intoxicating to be honest, and it inspires you to come up with even more great ideas and outputs. Granted medyo love-hate talaga ang mga projects, ang iba pa nga very “Isang Linggong Pag-ibig” ang eksena. Pero at the end of the day, let the work speak for itself, because hopefully it will show you the love that went into creating it.

That Moment You Realize it’s The One: Now this, doesn’t come for everyone. Dahil sa sobrang special niya bihira mo lang maramdaman yung feeling. But there’s a certain event, throughout your career na hinding-hindi mo makakalimutan. Be it working on a project with an advocacy that’s close to your heart, a short film story that came from your idea or an impact it brought to those who chose to finish watching the ad. It’s not necessarily a business win, a bump in sales or even a pitch, it’s something else – at iba talaga yung feeling! And it’s that moment when you know that you don’t just like what you do – you’ve fallen in love with it. (Waw, wattpad?)

The Unexpected: Ang daming pwede mangyari – hindi mauubusan ng surprises ang mga araw mo. Every day is a new way to create. On Monday, you can be writing a pro-bono for a charity organization. But on Wednesday you can be dancing for your life in a must-win pitch. And by Friday, you’re hanging with the celebs waiting to finish a 27-hour shoot! Life is full of surprises lalo na kung nasa advertising ka.

The Perks: Come onnnnn. Who’s not gonna talk about the delicious buffets or the unlimited iced coffees to keep you awake for your 30-hour shoots? Who’s not gonna brag about their face on the ad they made a cameo in. (Yeah, we’re basically celebrities – or unpaid talents haha) Who’s not gonna talk about the wildest agency parties? (I mean, we can’t divulge anything… but our higher ups sure know how to party *wink wink*)


Whatever it is that keeps you in love with advertising, it definitely is a unique kind of love only we advertising people will understand. May saya, may sakit. But it’s a pain we don’t mind bearing because the payoff trumps the pain. At kung ano man ang payoff na ‘yan, hold it to heart. Hang on to it during the bad and terrible days. In moments na feeling mo tapos ka na, na ayaw mo na. Let it anchor you and remind you about what makes advertising worth it. Kaya sa mga in-love pa rin sa advertising, cheers! Di ka nag-iisa.