The Newer Normal

– A Digital-Marketing Must in 2021


Performance Marketing has been around for some time, but the Philippines hasn’t fully adopted it yet. The way digital marketing is done locally is different from how our Western counterparts plan and execute campaigns—not necessarily because they do it better, but they do see digital more clearly from a performance perspective.

Change is not comfortable.

When organizations answer the call of digital transformation, most teams find it daunting, difficult and overwhelming. But, like most changes, this kind of development isn’t a complete disruption. Rather, it’s a progression that should unlock more opportunities for business to adapt to the changing conditions of its landscape.

Digital is a two-way channel. Online, audiences have the ability to openly communicate back to brands, to openly provide feedback to products and services and to openly share their sentiments about their experiences.

It is controlling that open interplay, which is new to us

A conversational world.

If we look at local brands that are able to champion digital, one outstanding quality they share is the ability to tune in and listen to their audiences.

For many decades, we’ve developed strategies that are designed to communicate in a one-way manner. Only in the last 10 to 15 years did we see a new channel completely disrupt this. Data shows that the vast majority of Filipinos accessing the web make for hyper-engaged, hyper-involved audiences.

We have a market that desires to co-experience with each other—communities, brands, influencers, everyone in between—all in one synergistic space.

Share of Voice to Share of Intent. 

Over the quarantine period, we’ve seen people get more comfortable with screens than ever—to an extent, comfortable in disconnection. “Online” has become the town hall for the citizens of the digital kingdom. Yet, not all brands are heard.

A key realization of many organizations we’ve worked with is the importance of not just generating substantial awareness for their brands. It is only the beginning. It is now in finding out how that awareness can inspire more action, to nurture interest and cultivate relationships with online audiences, where we can continue to succeed.

Hence, we are now looking at a completely different set of techniques, KPIs and tactics, most of which are difficult to harness without the right perspective.

“Content is King, Engagement is Queen…” Data is Power.

The game-changer for digital is data. Applications, Analytics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence are just 4As of an entire alphabet that data could unlock for business. What sets a Performance Marketing approach apart is its unique combination of brand marketing and paid advertising towards a measurable desired action.

With digital performance, the focus is on getting actionable data every step of the way. With real-time insights and intelligence, a campaign can be calibrated and course-corrected to deliver more results.

If audiences are made aware of, engage with and consider our brands, we then answer how, why, when and where. It’s a discipline that we help our partners and clients embrace.

The big picture is understanding how people behave according to your objectives and how you can facilitate it better in a scalable, efficient way. 


Businesses need to build their own digital benchmarks in order to optimize campaigns. This is a fundamental step to transformation. However, without a data-driven strategy, it is going to be difficult to strategize and win on the digital chessboard.

Over here at Catalytx, through its sister company The Loop Digital, we don’t just look at campaign funnels. We look at them as loops: a series of touchpoints and checkpoints to pinpoint directions we can pursue and opportunities we can maximize.

At the end of day, the online campaigns that successfully cut through the clutter of the web are the ones designed to reinforce a brand’s digital ecosystem. 

It begs the ultimate question: do your campaigns work for you as much as you give them your all-out support? Only one way to find out—we start by making them truly work with good performance marketing

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