Undertime Pay

IXM went to the Tokyo HQ of Hakuhodo to present an idea that the Japanese might hate: work less, get paid more. They loved it. And born is the new company benefit called Undertime Pay.

Overtime Pay is really quite a difficult subject. Some Agencies have it; some Agencies don’t. In IXM, at first, we had a system of compensating OT with a combination of hours credited for leaves, meal & transpo allowance, etcetc which proved to be quite tedious to compute and hard to enjoy.

Meaning: we madly discouraged OT. This made a lot of hardworking people kind of resent working hard for obvious reasons. Something has to change. Fundamentally.

Then we thought: Creativity is not hard labor and shouldn’t be counted in hours. In fact, the brilliant ones are the ones that work fast and finish early. Maybe that’s who we pay more money to. Agreed? The Association should totally make this a rule. Or let’s think and talk about it.