Maybe the creators in the agency should get a share of commissions

Don Draper would disagree: “That’s what the money is for!” Agencies have always had great innovation on salaries and for good reason. By working in a company, your work becomes the company’s work and most of the revenues that come with it. You should be happy with your award.

The problem is: you still get paid even your work aint that good, or when your work isn’t the one that gets presented and produced, or even when it doesn’t beget more work for others.

There really isn’t added incentive for you to be good at this thing aside from the trophy, and yeah, the salary.

What if, and this is already in process of being systematized in IXM, what if in the same way that Agencies get remunerated by commission that the creators (everyone involved in the creation of the advertising) also gets a share of the commissions? Oof. Tricky. But ought to be. Would be nice to look into this as an Association.