Dapat ‘Di Bawal Rumaket

Most Agencies outright forbid the outside gig. The industry for the most part frowns upon similar work done outside the JO, the thinking being that ‘perpetrators’ use official time and resources for those sidelines. “Raket takes away from the company.” But does it really?

An employee’s extra source of income should be welcome. If you have multi-talented people in your organization, allow and support them in using their skills to make money outside the Agency or the industry.

Payagan mo nang rumaket and be happy when they skyrocket! At IXM we think that for as long as you’ve done your job well, you should go for it. We encourage it. More to the point, we go out of our way to distribute extra work that earns extra for the employee. We would even support them with actual investment should you need it.

Transform ideas into wealth. Learn it, do it, practice it. We don’t want you working here forever. Let’s put up your own company someday!