What to expect in this year’s Creative Fest

The pandemic is no reason to pull the plug on your potential. On the contrary, if you look around, creativity has flourished despite the lockdown. Various food trends, innovative content formats on YouTube, and hilarious social media challenges continue even as we near the end of the year. Take this as proof that you can still create, and deliver your best even in these times of distress.

The 4A’s Creative Guild of the Philippines is setting out to capture all of these fresh and extraordinary stories of creativity by staging #CreativeFestNOW. Happening live on November 19 to 21, this seminar brings together heavyweights like Merlee Jayme, Global Co-President, Dentsu mcgarrybowen; Morten Bonde, Senior Art Director, LEGO Group; and Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan as they share insights and innovations they’ve birthed despite various setbacks, all in the name of creativity.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for this year’s Creative Fest– it’s all for free, open to anyone, and more importantly #ForTheBenefitOfAidvertising. Take a cue from these extraordinary men and women on how you too can birth new ideas, and let’s set out to prove that no matter what life throws at us, the #StoriesDontStop. 

Stay tuned for #CreativeFestNOW from November 19 – 21.