Herbert Hernandez inside the delivery room (of ideas)

From nothing, into something. A moment of inspiration can lead to the seed of an idea. And then it’s up to the creative to take charge of nurturing it to life. 

If you look at it, coming up with ideas is like having a baby. For some, it’s a breeze. For others, it can be quite arduous. It can be messy. There will be sleepless nights. You’ll have people, even strangers sometimes, chiming in with their advice on how to raise your baby. But just like one, having a good idea is always worth it. And there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally seeing your baby out there in the world, having the time of their life.

And who better to talk about giving birth to ideas than Herbert Hernandez? GIGIL’s founding partner does it all, whipping out award-winning campaigns while being a doting husband and father to three kids. And let’s also not forget how he plays guitar for longstanding bands Moonstar88 and 6cyclemind.

Let Herbert take you through what it’s like to be pregnant with ideas, with the return of GIGIL’s #GigBackSeries. Join us this Wednesday at 5 PM for our second episode entitled “Dad’s Pregnant, Too!”   Learn insights on what to expect when you’re expecting ideas, how to give birth to them, and how to make them grow to become campaigns you can be proud of. 

Join GIG Back Series: ‘Dad’s Pregnant, Too!’ on October 14, Wednesday, 5 PM on Zoom.  Only 50 seats available. Reserve one (1) seat with this link: https://bit.ly/GIGBackSeries2. Once successfully registered, participants will be sent an email with the link to access the Zoom talk.