Morten Bonde: LEGO’S Blind Art Maestro

Creativity knows no limits. If you don’t believe that yet, you definitely will once you hear Morten Bonde’s story. #StoriesDontStop

Morten, a skilled senior art director with twenty years of experience in advertising, has created smashing campaigns for brands in Denmark and abroad. He currently works as an art director at the LEGO group, and is the creative mind behind a number of successful LEGO commercials and animated short films. Oh, and did we mention he did all this legally blind?!

Diagnosed with an incurable eye disease that made him slowly lose his sight, many might’ve thought it be the end of Morten’s career. Much to the contrary, today, Morten is lauded as LEGO’s blind art director, a published author, and motivational speaker on self-management and self-motivation. 

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