Hindi hassle ang sumide-hustle

Where is Creativity—

In the walled spaces of our homes, away from the adventures that used to set our minds on fire?

In a society feeling a little broken, with virtual social spaces filled with negativity?

In a disheartening state of business where brands we deeply care about are pressured to let go of the stories and purpose they had built through the years in exchange for short-lived wins?

In a creative industry that is bleeding deeply from a year of no wins, no stability, and worst of all, threatened significance?

Where is Creativity in 2020?

In this takeover, NUWORKS celebrates the Creativity in every locked-down mind reaching places of inspiration farther than the feet ever can.

In ugly realities turned into personal missions.

In every attempt at helping frontliners, friends, and societies in need.

In every no-CE pitch or initiative to help our client partners reimagine their way forward.

Creativity lives on as long as there are problems we care enough to solve.

Creativity lives on each day we endeavor to make it brighter. And in every human experience we care deeply enough to infuse with more dignity and meaning.

Creativity is in all the magic we achieve amidst this crisis.

It is in every story of a new skill built, a new passion project, a new raket forged during our quiet moments of social distancing, eventually filling hundreds of social feeds and hearts with amusement and admiration, nostalgia and courage, craving and delight.

Because when inspiration stops flowing our way, we create it ourselves.

Creativity lives on as long as we are all here. Because it is far bigger than an industry, a profession, or a job.

Creativity is us and all the care in our hearts, most alive in the symphony of beautiful life moments and truths in every piece of work we make and care deeply enough to share with the world.

We invite the 4As community to come share and rock those rakets at rockyourraket.nuworks.ph – a virtual home to the rakets of our unstoppable creative minds in this great crisis and beyond – rakets that solve problems, rakets that make each day better, rakets that create moments of delight, rakets that make even the worst moments count.

It’s a celebration of our Creativity taking new forms, finding new homes, new expressions, and new ways to bring far greater value to the world than it ever did in the past.

Creativity lives on in our every attempt to immortalize the stories and dreams of our time on any canvass thrown our way – whether that’s a piece of fabric, a query language, a blank scale, a .PSD file, or a baking pan.

Come rock your raket or support a fellow creative professional’s labor of love in the time of COVID-19 at rockyourraket.nuworks.ph by NUWORKS.