Even apart, we find ways to stay connected

From home workouts, healthy cooking, to art breaks, get tips from Ogilvy’s own “Wellness Wednesdays” hosts and In-House Psychotherapist

On Wednesdays, we wear athleisure and do home workouts together 

“ I think keeping yourself active while at home isn’t just physically beneficial, but mentally, too. We all just need something to help us unload. While I do recommend a quick workout, if you’re not into that, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a creative outlet like playing an instrument, painting, cooking, just something to take the weight off your shoulders and your mind off the chaos.”

Jeff Stelton
Senior Copywriter & Wellness Wednesday Host

“With everything that is happening right now in the world, sometimes we forget the wonderful benefits of staying fit. Not only can it make you look good physically but it’s also helpful to destress and maintain our sanity in these difficult times. This might be the best time for some people to discover what they can do with their body and how to take care of it and make them feel stronger than ever.”

Jasper Velarde
Project Manager & Wellness Wednesday Host

We take our “Art Breaks” and learn new things together.

“Art breaks help me in two ways. One, it helps me kind of restart after a day filled with pressures from life and work. Art breaks give me the freedom to do what I want on paper, even if it’s just for an hour or so. It gives my brain something else to do or look at especially when I’m running low on ideas for anything I’m currently working on. Art breaks also help me express or process whatever I’m feeling.  It’s not necessarily the means to solve problems, but by using art to process, you can identify what you’re going through and then know what you can do from there.”

Niqui Mateo
Art Director & Wellness Wednesday Host

“Masyado na maraming rules sa mundo, break muna… Lalo na kung mag isa ka at kailangan magexpress. We need an outlet be it singing, writing, cooking, running, grappling…etc. or any form of art. It will prevent us from taking ourselves too seriously haha and focus on things that really matter.  Enjoy discovering yourself.”

Lito Gemora
Creative Director & Wellness Wednesday Host



We also learn to make healthier choices for ourselves.

Making a healthier choice even if it’s in the smallest of steps makes a big impact. Whether it’s sleeping an hour earlier, choosing to go meatless a few times a week, or exercising for 30 minutes a day… all these add up and can help us feel so good about ourselves! This good mood carries through – not just in the way we interact with others at home or through Zoom, but in how we take on what’s on our to-do lists too – with more optimism and energy.”

Toni Tiu
Head of Strategy & Wellness Wednesday Host


And lastly, we do our best to stay connected and have that real sense of community within the agency.

During this time of social distancing, It’s good that we connect with the people around us. Check in on your friends, a quick ‘Hi, Hello’ or a Zoom call – because those kinds of activities would help you feel connected with other people and at the same time make you a have a sense of belongingness and feel less disconnected.”

James Franco, LPT, RGC, Ph.D. (cand.)
Professional Counselor and Psychotherapist