Get creative with your home office

Creative ideas need creative spaces. Here are some of our favorites!

Transitioning to a WFH set-up has got Giants creating their own little workspaces.

Creative Director, Pocoy Calvento set up an optimistic workspace with empty spaces to remind him to think of “What’s Next?”. Should he get more plants? Do these empty shelves need collectibles? And a poster that makes him think about where he wants to be after all this.


Junior Art Director, Pat Gonzaga wanted every inch of her space to be “instagrammable” and bright. It helps her feel motivated (and no more working from her bed!).


He’s got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Executive Creative Director, Dino Ocampo keeps it real with his makeshift workspace. A 70’s fan, laptop & monitor propped up by dumbbells and scuba dive boxes – all on top of a folding picnic table.


Account Assistant, DJ Dumapit has made a colorful space filled with a few of her favorite things. Walls with prints, old drawings, and photos. Shelves with souvenirs and books to read in her downtime. This is an absolute mood board and it keeps herself productive!


He’s the Electric Tito! (Find him on YouTube!) Associate Creative Director, Marc de Vera transformed his workstation into a DIY music production suite. Seeing his instruments around reminds him that his after-work life is just within reach. It helps him get through even the toughest days.


It’s a Plantita fantasy! Senior Account Manager, Isa Escano really wanted a clean tropical feel for her workspace. Complete with her essential items – plants, laptop, notebooks, and a candle to end her day and destress.   


Having a wide expansive view from her balcony helps Creative Director, Eia Garcia think wider and limitless. Way better than being confined in the 4 walls of her unit!