In-House Talented

Saatchi House is home to Ace Saatchi & Saatchi and its sister companies, Make Technologies, and Elixir Health & Wellness Solutions. In front of The House is a backlit sign with an ampersand. The “&” isn’t just something you’ll find in the middle of Saatchi & Saatchi, it’s at the core of it. It represents a philosophy.

An “&” connects. It signifies how Ace Saatchi brings together disciplines, people, and strengths that allow the agency to combine storytelling & tech, brand solutions & consumer experiences, always on & in-house production and a host of other capabilities.

The “&” is part of who we are. The symbol is a reminder that there is an “&” to all of us. It reminds each of us that we can be more. That’s why in The House, you’ll find people who play the role of art director & photographer, writer & videographer, or account manager & voice talent. It’s a place where who you are & who you can be are bridged.

Though, it’s no surprise that a one-stop shop like Ace Saatchi & Saatchi would have illustrators, UX/UI designers, video editors, developers, animators, and all manner of multi-skilled individuals to create work in-House, The House is also a place to play. It is also a venue that cultivates your other “&”, a place where profession & passion come together.

These are just a few examples of those in-House talents:

The in-House Dance Crew

With an array of amenities to promote health and wellness — a well-equipped gym, massage chairs for the twice-weekly massages, a loft for yoga classes, a heavy punching bag, and movable mirrors for dance sessions, Saatchi House is a place where bonds borne out of wellness activities are formed.

One such group is the SDC (Saatchi Dance Crew).  It is composed of seven KPop fans from creatives and accounts. The group, initially organized for exercise, soon became a venue to unleash their passion for KPop. You can check out their dance cover sessions on FB here: Post

in-House Saatchi Dance Crew (SDC) (fr. L to R) Caye, Sinta, Tara, Kat, Nicole, Rei, Mica (not shown)

The in-House Hosts & Radio Jocks & Podcasters

Ace Saatchi & Saatchi knows how to party, and every party needs a host. Saatchi has had a lot of both, but not every host is also a Radio DJ & a podcaster &, lest we forget, an accounts person. Saatchi is fortunate to have, not one, but two — Yana and Richard.

Aside from hosting Saatchi Parties, these two account managers are also Rookie Radio jocks for 99.5 Play FM and, along with Yma, an ex-Saatchi accounts, run a podcast called Uy, I Have Kwento.

in-House Hosts & Radio Jocks Yana & Richard

The in-House Games Master

Though, we’re known for big parties, we have a lot of smaller get-togethers on random Friday nights. If there’s a bit of shouting and screaming going on, it could mean that Pinoy Henyo, Guess That Song, or a Quiz Night is in progress. The cause of this flurry of activity is usually our in-House games master, Emily. The copywriter honed her skills through her volunteer work in Project Pearls where she sometimes has to organize parlor games for 200 children at a time. She continues to host games in Zoom e-numans.

in-House Games Master & House Mascot Emily

The in-House Musicians

Though, you’ll find a lot of musical talent in Ace Saatchi’s karaoke nights, we’ll turn our attention to two in-House musicians — John and Aidon.

When John is not art directing for the digital team, he’s playing drums, guitars, and keyboards as well as writing and singing in the studio as half of the musical duo named Aviators. Recently signed with DITTO Music PH, we look forward to the release of their single at the end of the year.

As for Aidon, aside from leading his team as creative director, he’s also lead vocals, chief songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of his band, Monolog. If you didn’t catch them in the UP Fair, Rakrakan, and The Pinoy Playlist, you can still catch their new album. Want a taste? Check out the music video of “Traffic” here.

in-House Musicians top picture: Aidon of Monolog.  bottom picture: John of Aviators and Sam

The in-House Mixologist

The first thing you see when you enter The House is the Saatchi Bar. Running along the entire length of the lobby, it dominates the reception area. This is the other place where Greg, the agency’s executive creative director & in-House bartender applies his creative juices. Here, he mixes Saatchi proprietary cocktails, plans the drinks lists, and serves them at the epic House parties.

WSET Level 2 certified, Greg also facilitates wine appreciation sessions with the Saatchi Wine 101 group. Something that he looks forward to doing again when the Saatchi Bar reopens.

in-House Mixologist & Sommelier Greg

The in-House Film Writer

Learning has always been a part of the Ace Saatchi culture and we celebrate those who continuously learn new skills. Natts was a strategist when she attended a Ricky Lee scriptwriting workshop and wrote her screenplay for LUCID, a movie that was chosen and picked up by Cinema One Originals. The film showing saw the Ace Saatchi family cheering in the audience and her desire to hone her storytelling skills saw her in the creative department as a copywriter. She continues to create concepts for possible films and the rest of The House looks forward to seeing it in one of our CL:ASS (Continued Learning: Ace Saatchi & Saatchi) Sessions.

in-House Film Writer Natts

The in-House Life Storybook Author

The House has been home to wellness workshops that encouraged people to bake, paint, and make mini gardens. That’s because we’re always delighted to see people discover another side of themselves.

One such person is Chel. As if she didn’t have enough stories to write, this copywriter makes storybooks to tell people’s real life stories. Her first book, Bus Ride To Forever, was an anniversary present to her parents that told the story of how they met. The Boy Up There, was a story written for a little girl to help her deal with the grief of losing her father. Want more? Why don’t you just tell her yours?

in-House Life Storybook Author Chel & Friend

The in-House Gamers

If there is one thing that goes beyond Ace Saatchi & Saatchi and unites the entire House, it would have to be MLBB. There were enough teams in The House to hold our own MLBB e-sports event complete with LED event screens, shoutcasters, and cash prizes. And though our in-House players, hailing from almost all departments, are too numerous to list, you’ll find one of the teams, the Starlighters representing Ace Saatchi & Saatchi in the Adobo Esports Mobile Legends Mythical Bowl.

in-House Gamers Ace Saatchi Starlighters : front row: Venus, Jem, Mica second row: Neilbert, Jason, Karlo, Eric, Eugene