Surviving long online meetings and webinars

5 tips from team GA to stay productive during videocons


No one is really prepared for the new normal. We don’t know the things that are going to happen in the next few weeks but one thing is sure: virtual meetings will continue to be part of our daily lives.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of the things that we’re doing face-to-face have gone digital. While video conferencing solutions help us stay connected, it can also be the source of our digital fatigue. So how do you survive something that depletes your energy, you say? Here are some handy tips from the Grupo Agatep peeps to keep you productive and engaged during long online meetings and conferences.

Pen and paper is better

One way to make virtual meetings an intimate experience is through the trusted method of jotting down notes. For Grupo Agatep writers, Erick and Pasty, using the old-fashioned note- taking method with pen and notebook can help you retain information easier and make you more engaged while being in the online meeting rather than using phones or on-screen notepads.

Preparation goes a long way

Even in online meetings, your preparation can go a long way. “I suggest having an agenda beforehand so everyone is aligned, and nobody will forget what needs to be discussed,” said Warren dela Cruz, account manager at Grupo Agatep. This is also a great way to keep the meeting from going around in circles and make the call more tolerable for you and your colleagues.

Find the perfect spot

Anyone who has worked remotely will definitely understand that preparing your space before the call is as important as checking your headphones and webcam. Finding a comfortable spot is key to surviving long meetings, said another Grupo Agatep writer, Joy dela Cruz. “I have many dogs at home that is why their barking can be troublesome during meetings. To deal with that, I always make sure to find a spot that is quiet and comfortable, away from the distractions that can make the meeting unbearable,” she added.

Put your game face on by dressing up

Getting dressed before the call will surely boost your mood and confidence especially when you are the one doing the presentation. Stop assuming that dressing up is only for in-person meetings because your colleagues will definitely appreciate you for being well-groomed during the meeting. So, to make your next meeting more enjoyable, dress like you would during workdays and make sure that you look in the mirror before dialing in.


Find ways to make the call fun

Being in a virtual meeting can be boring. Why not make the call something to look forward to especially during long staff meetings. Think of themes and games that will engage everyone in the team. Case in point is Grupo Agatep’s weekly staff meetings. Before the weekends, the whole Grupo Agatep team checks up on each other and makes the staff feel more connected despite the distance via a virtual ‘kumustahan’ using Zoom. Everyone looks forward to the meeting every week as there are themes, such as the Celebrate Color Friday and the Kalayaan Thursday, as well as games like scribbles that keep everyone hyped about it.

Even as we transition to looser quarantine measures, it seems like virtual meetings are here to stay as we embrace this new reality. So make the most out of it by doing things that will help make it more fun and engaging for you and other people on the call!