Gaming as a way of connecting

What’s the best way to connect to your friends or family without getting sick outside due to COVID-19? Gaming! Challenge them with your techniques and style so they can also up their own game.

Catch our live session on Gaming this June 10, 8 p.m., with our resident Street Fighter gamer, Rey Tiempo, and his special guest – pro wrestler, stand-up comedian, gamer, and streamer: Red Ollero!

Stay tuned to our official Facebook page, VMLY&R Philippines , to know where to watch our live sessions.

To prove that we are gamers at heart, we did an awesome project about gaming! We’ve created a gaming and education mashup!

VMLY&R Philippines has partnered with Facebook Philippines and Creative Shop to raise awareness for education systems in the country, by turning one of social media’s biggest platforms – livestream gaming – into virtual classrooms of science and math lessons.

To do this, they teamed up with Tier One Entertainment, one of the fastest-rising esports and gaming-focused talent and content agencies in Southeast Asia. Tapping into its roster of the biggest and most-followed Facebook game streamers, the team enlisted Dexie Diaz for the launch stream, held last 5 February 2020. 


Dexie partnered with Mr. Ian Allas, current physics teacher at the Quezon City Science High School. The usual Mobile Legends game stream was “hacked” and was suddenly turned into a physics class, with discussions on the real-world application of the game’s characters and movesets. In between games and lessons, the streamer-teacher tutorials combo gave out pop quizzes and promos, for chances to win special in-game skins. 


The usual Dexie Diaz fanbase was amused with the surprising but enlightening turn of events, as engagement soared to more than 240,000 views in just under 3 hours. More importantly, the livestream event earned record-amount proceeds through the audience’s donations of Facebook Stars, the platform’s virtual money that translates to real world currency. Proceeds from the stream will be graciously donated to the Quezon City Science High School to help build real world classrooms and science labs. 

Watch out for more stream announcements featuring other gamer-teacher tutorial combos, as VMLY&R Philippines, Facebook Philippines and Creative Shop continue to push for education as the country slowly transitions to the “new normal.”