Music as a tool for change

Music fills our soul. Listening to music not only affects our mood. It also changes our life and the way we perceive the world.

Put your earphones on and watch our live jamming on June 11, 6 p.m., with our talented musician, Rey Tiempo, and his solid lineup of music enthusiasts: Joel Fabonan, an eclectic musician and avid vinyl collector; and Edsel Tolentino, one of the partners of loudBox Studios and also a “Rock Star” (in his own mind)!

Stay tuned to our official Facebook page, VMLY&R Philippines , to know where to watch our live sessions.

But before anything else, get inspired with our latest work with Caltex Philippines: a song and music video for drivers getting back on the road!

Caltex Philippines, in partnership with its long-time creative agency, VMLY&R Philippines, produced an anthem and music video paralleled to its mantra “Enjoy the Journey,” that aimed to push people forward as the country-wide quarantine loosened.

The song, “Tuluy-tuloy ang Biyahe,” and its music video were played on Facebook and YouTube, perfect in a time when Filipinos need inspiration on their road to recovery.

More than the positive message of the anthem, it literally pushed people forward with the technology behind it. Through the process of Entrainment, the anthem’s tempo was attuned to a normal human heartbeat of 60 beats per minute and was sped up to 120 beats per minute. This process conditions the listeners’ mind to be in sync with the faster rhythm of the song, making listeners more alert and sharp on the road.

Additionally, the anthem was tuned in 432Hz, instead of the usual 440Hz for songs. In Psychoacoustics, this frequency is beneficial to a person’s aura and energy field.

Completing the motorists’ road to recovery journey was a friendly fuel discount through the “Balik-Biyahe Program.” Drivers of public utility vehicles can avail of special fuel discounts during the whole “Tuluy-tuloy ang Biyahe” campaign to help them slowly recuperate after losing their main source of livelihood due to the pandemic.

Tuluy-tuloy ang biyahe, Pilipinas! And Caltex is always with every Filipino driver, every step of their journey – physically, mentally, and now even sonically.

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