How ECQ is reshaping eCommerce: 7 tips for the new world of eCommerce


16% growth in online purchases during the lockdown period

  • “Everyday items” are taking a bulk of the basket

Grocery Products (+14%), Household Essentials (+10.3%) and personal hygiene products (e.g Toothpaste, Shampoo) (+10.1%)

  • Consumers are delaying typical eCommerce purchases like clothes, beauty products, travel and home appliances.
  • Grocery / online grocery searches peaked during the early lock down period –showing interest and a possible comfort in online grocery shopping.




Continued usage and exponential growth ahead

  • Consumers are embracing the convenience and safety in using eCommerce for daily household needs. The usage will likely continue but has yet to completely replace offline shopping.
  • Even major eCommerce platforms are changing the way they do business. They will continue to pivot to provide more household products in line with consumer demands.
  • mSMEs and SMEs are going through a forced digital transformation to stay alive during the lock down period and will unlikely return to old ways.



Brands are now forced to take a serious look at their business transformation towards eCommerce.


#1 Be a Familiar Face

Given the restrictions, consumers are opting for brands that they are familiar with.

  • Be present by continuing brand messages that keep your brand in people’s mind.
  • Leverage on influencers, especially micro influencers who are closer to the community. They deliver word of mouth recommendations.
  • Build trust and affinity with content. Content marketing has seen to impact conversion levels as high as 5x.

#2 Availability is Key

  • Be present at online channels and tell your consumers about it.
  • Explore opportunities not traditionally seen – community groups, diversified delivery via Grab / Angkas / Lalamove.
  • Leverage on existing platforms to reach not just your consumers but also traditional retailers.
Generika drugstores are making important
medicines available via a rolling pharmacy
SM is finding ways to stay available for
their consumers – exploring various
channels and methods.

#3 Rethink Value
With the economy looking down, make sure to provide a good value offer. But remember that value is taking on a different meaning.

  • Value in Service : Free Delivery
  • Value in Convenience : Instant Delivery / Within hour delivery / Curb Side Pick Up
  • Value in Range: Provide as many SKUs as possible – some households are buying in bulk while others need smaller sizes.

#4 Keep it Relevant

  • The more your brand can empathize, the more relevant you can be. Let your consumers know you understand how they feel and are in a position to help them.
  • Remember that different platforms are in different parts of the consumer shopping journey. Treat it as you would have your point of sale communication
  • Use data and targeting to deliver the right message in the right context.

Quaker Oats Philippines: From heart health, the brand pivoted to highlighting its immunity benefits.

#5 Make sure it’s seamless

  • Try to provide a seamless experience as you hand-hold your consumer in the purchase journey.
    The market is at varied levels of comfort with using eCommerce.
  • Work with each platform and optimize the services they offer.
  • When setting up new channels – prioritize UX and make it fluid and easy for new consumers to navigate.
  • Don’t forget the post purchase service. It is just as important as the purchase itself.

Red Ribbon has introduced Chatbot Ria – a Messenger-based bot that allows you to easily order your favorite cakes and pastries online.








#6 Create an Experience

As anxieties rise and a new kind of stress arises, be a brand that is light and easy to talk to.

  • Develop shopper-tainment activities
  • Leverage on onsite games when delivering discounts

#7 Don’t just Pivot, Dance to the Times

  • Be agile and adjust to new ways of doing things. This may mean adjusting multiple times in an ever changing landscape.
  • Explore new ideals, channels and approaches to transform your business to address the needs today.

Angkas Philippines: The service immediately expanded to food deliveries to keep business running and drivers employed.



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